Fundamental and applied space science research is often a community effort. Resources that are made publically and freely available are highly appreciated and often broadly used by the community. Here we have compiled a list of a few such resources that might be useful to you someday.


irfu-matlab is an open and free Matlab software package developed and maintained by our colleagues at Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Uppsala, Sweden. It contains analysis and data visualization tools for in situ spacecraft data from missions such as Cluster, MMS, and Solar Orbiter.

Space Weather Modelling Framework

The Space Weather Modelling Framework (SWMF) is a global magnetosphere MHD code developed by the University of Michigan.


Smilei is a Particle-In-Cell code for plasma simulation. Open-source, collaborative, user-friendly and designed for high performances on super-computers, it is applied to a wide range of physics studies: from relativistic laser-plasma interaction to astrophysics.

Features in Plasma Physics Webinar

Motivated by the opportunity to learn first-hand from the authors of outstanding plasma physics research, the Editors of Physics of Plasmas will invite authors of recently published featured articles to present a webinar based on their paper. Featured articles are selected by the Editors with input from referees and include novel and important research across the whole range of fundamental and applied plasma physics.

Information and links to past and future presentation can be found here.

Online cold-plasma seminars

A forum for discussions and knowledge-sharing, with the objective of advancing cold-plasma science in magnetospheric physics.

The seminar series is hosted by the Los Alamos National Laboratory. More information and links to past and future presentations can be found here.